Completely automate and personalize your email
communication over the entire customer life cycle
Personalized Welcome
Start your user's journey with a friendly message featuring personalized shopping ideas.
Visit Follow-Up
Continue abandoned shopping sessions via email when the user leaves without checking out.
Purchase Follow-up
Follow-up on a transaction with special offers and complementary shopping ideas.
Price Change Notification
Let your user know when an item of interest has reduced price.
Cart Abandonment Follow-Up
Make it easy for your user to finalize an abandoned transaction.
Buy It Again
Remind your users to re-purchase previously bought consumables.
Loyalty Reward
Treat your recurring customers the right way - with deals and special offers on items they like.
Maintain your connection with lost customers with communication that offer the right reasons to drop by.
Special Occasion
Mark that special day with a specifically crafted message and product recommendations.

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