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Configuring widget design and layout

The way you control the widget's visual appearance in your shop depends on how you choose to integrate it. You can "install" your widget using the JavaScript API, in which case you are responsible for rendering it yourself. Alternatively you can let Pleisty inject the widget into your shop, in which case you edit the widget's code inside Pleisty's interface.

To configure both cases you need to open the widget's design editor, which is accessible via the Design tab in your widget's dashboard page.

Inserting the widget via API

The widget design editor opens with the JavaScript insert selected by default, I want to render the widget via JavaScript API, as depicted in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Rendering the widget via API

Inserting the widget via Pleisty

To let Pleisty inject the widget into your shop, select Let Pleisty render the widget. The page will change as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2. Rendering the widget via Pleisty

The first thing to choose is where exactly Pleisty will inject your new widget. The available options are Inject into element, Inject before element, and Inject after element. You also get an example of such an element that you can insert into your site. Then you have the editor itself, which has the following options.

Option Description
Start from scratch Replaces your current options and layout with a blank template
Start from a preset Replaces your current options and layout with one of the default templates
Execute JavaScript Enables the previewer to execute any custom JavaScript you write in the window
Available variables Opens a window that shows what custom variables you can use and some sample values with real data from your database

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