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Identifying Anonymous Users

Pleisty is tracking website users based on Anonymous User IDs (AUIDs) stored in cookies.

In order to link the anonymous user id to a real user (identified by email / CRM user ID), it is required to receive, once per AUID's lifetime, information about the user's identity. This can be achieved in two ways:

On site identification via JavaScript

Sending the customer_id via the JavaScript api allows linking an AUID to a real user in your database. It is recommended to use the email address as customer_id, for an easier transition from non registered customers to registered.

The user identification API call is documented here:

Pseudo-login via URL

It is possible to simulate a login for a user coming to your site from an external system by adding the pleisty_u paramerer to the URL:

If you use the email address as CUSTOMER_ID, the URL will look like this:

As a best practice, add this url parameter to all newsletter links sent from external systems (ex: logo link, footer links, other links), so your users will be properly identified when they land on your shop.

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