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Magento Banner Management Setup

To set up Magento to allow banner personalization with Pleisty, you have to follow four steps:

  1. Create new banner attributes in your Magento setup
  2. Create a new attributes set
  3. Create a banner template
  4. Create your banners based on the template

Complete each of these steps as described below.

Creating the Banner Attributes

Start by creating two attributes, named banner_url and banner_type.

  1. Go To Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes.
  2. Click Add New Attribute to add a new attribute.
  3. Type banner_url for the attribute code and select Yes for Use in Product Listing (as shown in Figure 1).
  4. Click Save Attribute.
  5. Type Banner URL for the Admin title (as shown in Figure 2).
  6. Click Save Attribute.
  7. Follow steps 1-3 once again to create the banner_type attribute, utilizing Multiple select as the Catalog Input Type, and selecting Yes for Use in Product Listing, as shown in Figure 3. Then click Save Attribute.
  8. When adding new attributes, type Banner Type for the Admin title and click Add Option to add new banner types. If unsure, add a new banner type with the value "200x300 - Home page - Slot 1" as shown in Figure 4.
  9. Click Save Attribute to save your new attribute.

These two attributes will then be listed in the Manage Attributes screen as shown in Figure 5.

*Figure 1. Creating a the banner_url attribute* *Figure 2. Editing the banner_url attribute* *Figure 3. Creating the banner_type attribute* *Figure 4. Editing the banner_type attribute* *Figure 5. Your new attributes*

Updating the Flat Catalog Index

If your shop uses the flat catalog module, you need to update the flat data index. To do this, go to System > Index management and click Rebuild for the Product Flat Data index, as shown in Figure 7.

*Figure 7. Rebuilding the Flat Data index*

Creating the Banner Attributes Set

Next you need to create a new banner attributes set. Follow these steps:

  1. Go To Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes Sets.
  2. Click Add new Set.
  3. Use the name Banner based on Default.
  4. Click Save Attribute Set.
  5. Under Groups, click Add New.
  6. Type Banner for the group name.
  7. Drag the following fields over your Banner group: name, sku, status (from General), banner_type, banner_url (from Unassigned Attributes), media_gallery (from Images). See Figure 6 for reference.
*Figure 6.*
  1. Click Save Attribute Set.

Creating the Banner Template

Now create a new banner template product following these steps:

  1. Go To Catalog > Manage products.
  2. Click Add product.
  3. Create new Simple Product product using Banner attibute set with these properties:
  1. Click Save.

You need to set all these properties to the template, so you don't need to do it for each banner

Creating Banners

  1. Go to Catalog > Manage products.
  2. Filter by Attrib. Set Name on Banner and click Search.
  3. Click the Edit link of the Banner Template.
  4. Click Duplicate.
  5. Enter banner properties
  1. Click the Categories tab and select related categories (see Figure 9).
  2. Click Save.
  3. Repeat steps 1-6 for all banners you want to create.
*Figure 8. Setting up a new banner* *Figure 9. Selecting related categories*

Checking Imported Banners in Pleisty Dashboard

In your Pleisty dashboard, after the first import, you will now be able to see your newly imported banners - see Figure 10.

*Figure 10. Imported banners in Pleisty dashboard*

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