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Installing Pleisty

Installing Pleisty is a three-step process. First, you install the JavaScript tracking code that allows Pleisty to monitor your users' activity into your shop. Then, you connect your products and users data feeds to Pleisty which will allow Pleisty to determine the best product recommendations for each of your users.

1. Installing the Pleisty real-time tracker

At this step you install the JavaScript code that allows Pleisty code to track your users in real time and identify their shopping interest.

Follow the instructions here: JavaScript tracker installation.

2. Setting up the product catalogue data feed

At this step you create the products feed that allows Pleisty to calculate the best product recommendations for each user.

Follow the instructions here: Products data feed setup.

3. Set up the users data feed

At this step you create the users feed that allows Pleisty to associate product recommendations to individual user accounts and send personalized emails to your users.

Follow the instructions here: Users data feed setup.

Next steps

Once you installed Pleisty using the instructions above, the best next step is to get in touch with us so that we can help with recommendations about the best setup for your shop. Alternatively, feel free to go ahead and check out Pleisty's dashboard and learn how you can use it to get started with Pleisty.

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