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Scheduling your campaign

To edit or modify the schedule of your campaign, you use the Schedule editor. This can be accessed in two ways. When editing a campaign, simply click the Schedule tab (see Figure 1). From the draft or active campaigns pages, click the Settings icon and the select Schedule (see Figure 2).

Figure 1. Schedule tab
Figure 2. Schedule menu option

Choosing schedule settings

Once the editor is open, you can set the campaign to run hourly, daily, weekly, or during certain days.

The various options on the page are described in the following table:

Option Description
Send this campaign only once For one-off campaigns
Run on each of the following days of the week For campaigns that need to run on the same day of the week (for example on Mondays)
Repeat this campaign every month For campaigns that need to run on the same day of the month (for example the first day of each month)
Repeat this campaign every N days For campaigns that need to run at fixed day interval regardless of the day of month or week
Repeat hourly For campaigns that need to run multiple times per day
Start sending this campaign right away Make the first sending right now
Delay sending this campaign Make the campaign inactive until the specified date

For example if you want to set your campaign to be sent daily at 7 AM, your scheduler window will look as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3. Scheduling the campaign

Further reading

The next step after you've set up the campaign's schedule is to testing and launch your email campaign.

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