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Choosing Your Email Retargeting and Personalization Campaigns

You can use Pleisty's AI-Powered emails to automate, personalize and optimize email communication throughout the entire customer life cycle. For convenience in regards to implementation, we've split the email campaign types in two categories:

Quickstart Campaigns

There are four emails that we recommend you implement as soon as possible:

Email type Audience
Shop visit follow-up People that recently visited your shop without proceeding to purchase.
Cart abandonment follow-up People that recently added items to cart without purchasing them.
Purchase follow-up People that purchased items from your shop
Buy It Again People that purchased consumable items from your shop.

Shop Visit Follow-Up

Also known as "browse abandonment emails", shop visit follow-up emails are used to get in touch with your users that visited your shop and left without proceeding to make a purchase. The best way to interact with them at this point, in order to maximize the chance for a conversion, is to make product recommendations based on the items they've found most interesting during their visit. Pleisty's AI-powered algorithms will help you do just that. The following figure describes the typical structure of a such an email.

*Figure 1. Shop Visit Follow-Up Email Structure*

Cart Abandonment Follow-Up

The purpose of the cart abandonment follow-up email is to help users finalize abandoned transactions. The best way to do this is to simply remind your user of the items they were about to purchase at the time of abandonment. The following figure describes a typical triggered cart abandonment email.

*Figure 2. Cart Abandonment Follow-Up Email Structure*

Purchase Follow-Up

A purchase frequently doesn't come alone, as people frequently follow-up with additional complementary purchases. To facilitate this process, automate purchase follow-up emails offering your users shopping ideas based on the purchase they've already done. Pleisty's collaborative filtering algorithms, based on "customers who bought this, also bought that..." information and additional intelligent criteria, will choose the complementary items with best chances to create interest. Here's the typical structure of such an email.

*Figure 3. Purchase Follow-Up Email Structure*

Buy It Again

Also known as "replenishment reminder emails", buy-it-again is a kind of email you send to people that bought consumable items from your shop. Pleisty's smart algorithms will identify the best time to send each of these emails, to maximize the chance each of them will reach their recipients just when it's time to refill.

*Figure 4. Automatic Replenishment Reminder Email Structure*

Advanced Personalization Campaigns

Pleisty supports seven types of emails that you can implement to further improve the performance of your email marketing. These are described in the following table.

Email type Audience Recommended content
Welcome email People that just subscribed to your newsletter Smart history (Items viewed in the shop when subscribing) and Personalized recommendations or bestsellers from favourite category
Price drop notification [coming soon] People who viewed or added to cart or whishlist products whose price has been lowered The items whose price has been lowered
Loyal buyer reward People that have made a certain volume of purchases during a specified time interval Voucher or special offer
Win-back People that made a certain volume of purchases and then stopped visiting or purchasing from your shop Personalized recommendations or bestsellers from favourite category plus Voucher or special offer
Special occasion People with specific attributes (birthday, name, others) Voucher or special offer

If you wish to implement any of these emails, please get in touch with your Pleisty account manager to discuss your options.

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