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Configuring the recommendation algorithms for your campaign

You configure the recommendation algorithms using the same Audience & Contents window you've been using to select your audience. Once you've chosen the target audience, you drag the desired recommendation algorithms from the left blue pane ("Algorithms") to the (drop an Action here) area of the desired target segment.

Figure 1. Algorithm selection pane


For the purposes of this exercise, we'll assume the content we want to send to our recent visitors consists of one of the items recently viewed (the most relevant one), plus personalized recommendations generated by Pleisty's collective intelligence engine.

  1. While still in the Audience and Contents configuration window, drag the Smart history + recommendations algorithm from the lower left pane (you might need to scroll inside the pane to reach this algorithm), to the (drop an Action here) blue box in the algorithms (bottom right) pane. The window will look like shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1. Algorithm for Segment B
  2. Click the Settings ( ) button of the algorithm to open its configuration window.

  3. In the configuration window, select Yes for Include the smart history item and select Same Category for the Algorithm for next items**. Leave the other options to their defaults. The configuration window will look as shown in Figure 2.

    Figure 2. Algorithm for Segment B
  4. Click the "x" button to close the window.

  5. To simulate the email for one particular user, click the Analyze segments button (if visible), click Segment B to view the list of users, and click the Simulate email button for that user (see Figure 3). This will open up a new window with the email simulation (Figure 4).

    Figure 3. Simulate email button

    Figure 4. Email simulation
  6. Now send a test email to your own email address. In the list of users, click the ... button which stands for Send email to a test address. In the pop-up window that opens, write your own address and click OK.

    Figure 5. Sending a test email to your address
  7. Go check your inbox to see the mail.

  8. Click Save Configuration to save the configuration.

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