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Add IQ to your web shop

Optimize and automate your on-site merchandising using personalized product recommendations fine-tuned for every page and purpose.

Humanize your email marketing

Make your newsletters personal and send 1:1 recommendation emails that inspire your users through their shopping journeys.

Learn from your users' journeys

Use Pleisty's journey analytics to identify valuable target audiences and design marketing communication tailored to their needs.

Why Pleisty?

Pleisty enables you to transform your unique ideas into automated, intelligent marketing communication.
Customer Centric

Pleisty's unique blend of analytics and action tools makes it easy to design and implement marketing communication tailored for each individual user.

Pleisty allows for flexible configuration options so that you can adapt each widget and email according to the specific requirements of your business.
Results Oriented

Going beyond conversion rate optimization, Pleisty will help you implement a customer retention strategy for long term sustainable growth.

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